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Off Topic: Seattle Mariners Have to Sign Prince Fielder

When I find a parallel between Washington teams I support I tend to like to write about them, call this a slightly off topic article, but not much so if your a Seattle sports fan.

However much I am a fan of the rising Seahawks and what I fully expect to be a dangerous and 2012 bowl-bound WSU Cougars squad led by Captain Leach; the same could not be said about the Seahawks next-door neighbors; the Seattle Mariners.

In fact, the Mariners have been shoved down to third in the professional pecking order. The Seattle Sounders generate much more buzz and are a successful franchise who have yet to have a poor season in their existence– There’s a demand for Sounders tickets even when CenturyLink is opened to capacity– the same can’t be said about the Mariners.

As my AD Bill Moos laid on the table days before hiring Leach “we have to start running with the big dogs or admit were doormats”; the Mariners find themselves in the exact same position.

The Angels just made THE ultimate game changing move in signing the games widely considered best player in Albert Pujols. The hell with how long or big the deal is, who cares? They at this present moment have the games best player. Not to mention they threw in former Rangers ace CJ Wilson as an incredibly nice cherry on top.

Even though the Rangers lost their ace– they have still been to 2 consecutive World Series, the Angels, just by default became the AL West favorites.

The quiet shy Mariners have to do something to counter this, they have to at least make a “big dog” move or they are going to continue to be AL West doormats as long as this Manager-General Manager tandem co-exists in Seattle.

This artificial frugality bothers me when the Mariners are in actuality owned by freakin NINTENDO. The Mariners could afford a $150 million budget with ease if they really wanted, that’s the part I will never understand.

The Mariners must sign Prince Fielder.

Nothing else will do.

They have no choice but to reel in Prince Fielder or this club is doomed for years to come.

The next time a free agent even potentially worthy of breath in the same name as Fielder by the time he does hit the market will be Mike Stanton; in five years.

By then a Fielderless Mariners will remain out of contention and Felix Hernandez will be in Yankee pinstripes with another “oh we have a bunch of great young players were going to build around” type pitch to the fanbase after what just seems like the inevitable occurs.

Unless Zduriencik bucks up and rolls out the dough for the man who is the closest thing to Pujols not just on the open market, but in all of baseball; I repeat, the Mariners are doomed, Zdurienciks career as a General Manager will be doomed.

Anyone else who says otherwise is an absolute fool with what transpired today. Getting Prince Fielder isn’t even looking at contending next season; haha, that’s funny.

No getting Prince Fielder is the cornerstone this team needs just to be able to begin to go down the road to compete with the Angels and Rangers 2-3 years from now.

There is perhaps no better consistent offensive force in the league. Fielder has only missed one game in the last three seasons, and you will see his agent Scott Boras show you his statistics are very comparable to that of Pujols.

It would be an insult to call Fielder a poor mans Pujols, he’s more like the 1B to Pujols’ 1A; in fact some would argue he offers more value because he is 4 younger than Pujols and definitely cheaper.

The Rangers are said to be interested in Fielder to counterbalance what the Angels just did. If this is true, the Mariners would be completely screwed if not only they failed to land Fielder but he ended up in a Rangers uniform.

I mean if this happens I might have to honestly renounce my fanship of this team. I am absolutely tired of terrible baseball. I try to like Zdureincik but he is directly responsible for assembling some historically bad offenses and his “gem” of a JJ Putz trade is beginning to unravel slightly; the Cliff Lee trade returns have underwhelmed, and most of his free agent signings have been terrible. He spent as much on Chone Figgins and Milton Bradley that 2 full seasons of Fielder would cost him.

This is year three, the rebuilding excuses are wearing out their welcome, or perhaps already have. In college football, a coach is generally thought to have 4 years, or one full recruiting cycle, to show his worth.

Zdureincik has similarily had plenty of time to clean up the mess from Bill Bavasi’s tenure and put his own stamp on the ballclub. He has talented young pitchers, a solid defense, but literlly zero offense.

You can’t win purely on developing young promising talent alone, at some point you have to pay to win.

What Fielder offers the Mariners cannot be duplicated in Zdureinciks tenure, period.

You have to hope the Mariners begin to notice the upward trend of the Seattle sports team; yes even a Cougar throws the Huskies in there with two consecutive bowl berths.

Watch out though, Mike Leach is going to tear you apart, and the Cougars are probably never not going to a bowl game again in Leach’s tenure. They are definitely no longer going to be doormats and Leach will show in the Apple Cup what a Cougar is really supposed to do to a Husky.

The Mariners need to make the same decision, they need to spend like the big dogs they really can be deep down inside, or risk becoming the perpetual third or fourth place finisher like the Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays are in the AFC AL East right now. Never able to surpass the Yankees or Red Sox, and now being continually blocked by the contending Rays.

In a time full of youth, promise, and optimism in the Washington sports scene, the Mariners continue to fall behind the curve while others appear to finally be telling the curve to take a hike.






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