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Seahawks: Will Pete Carroll and Taylor Mays Have an Awkward Reunion?

If you’re reading this you probably already know about the fact former USC safety Taylor Mays threw a media tantrum blasting his former head coach Pete Carroll about not being selected with the 14th overall selected when he didn’t even get draft until 49th overall.

It’s hard to say if this anger is justified, considering every other team in the NFL didn’t use a first round draft choice and the draft continued over three-fold beyond pick 14 before he even got selected.

News has broken the Seattle product is on the trading block. I would argue with the 49ers signing of Donte Whitner he is more on the chopping block than the trading block.

This is the type of scenario where Pete Carroll does not mind throwing a late round selection around. Even if the team is about to cut him he may just throw them a 7th rounder (Stacy Andrews, Tyler Polumbus), to make sure he lands the guy he needs.

If Carroll was considering drafting him at all in the first two rounds last year it would be wise to throw a late round draft selection the 49ers way.  I mean, the 2009 draft is one draft class old. The Seahawks need a starting strong safety and could certainly use an upgrade to a secondary that finished 31st in pass defense and for the most part is still intact.

I thought they would pursue safety Michael Huff, but hey, Tom Cable can’t steal away three of the Raiders best players. Virtually any starter with potential is off the market at safety now. This would be a low cost, high reward move with an eye on the future; the first part isn’t this off seasons theme, but just two years removed from being one of the NFL’s oldest teams Seattle is now one of the youngest, (25.16).

Nothing is imminent, but if Mays and Carroll can put their little flare up in the past the two can have their reunion, just not under the perfect circumstances of being selected 35 choices higher than anyone else was willing to take you.

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7 Responses to “Seahawks: Will Pete Carroll and Taylor Mays Have an Awkward Reunion?”

  1. Redzone086 says:

    The only thing that is a negative on this site is the one comment on something like close to signing leber then no comment for over 24 hours? What kind of statement does that accually give your journalism?

    • Andrew Auger says:

      I appreciate comments good and bad, reminds me I am doing something right if not everyone is happy.

      It’s my duty to report what I am hearing and seeing, in the process I obviously won’t please everybody. If you type “Ben Leber” into google, the freshest result is 11 hours old and the second is an ESPN Radio article about the Leber to Seattle report, just because I indicate something is “close” doesn’t mean it’s going to magically happen an hour later. It took over 24 hours from the time media outlets broke the news Seattle was close to signing Zach Miller until it even happened.

      I am a student at the Edward. R. Murrow school, in all technicality, I am not a professional journalist, so I can’t even take offense to your comment.

  2. Andrew Auger says:

    If you’re going to be rude and call a writer out, couldn’t you, I don’t know… acTually spell?

  3. Redzone086 says:

    Well again I sumise that as a person posting on a blog the words you hear or dont hear could be followed with a post referencing it or use terminology that reflect the accual situation not an inflamed title or knee jerk reaction like I hear someone is of interest and so in so is talking with them. Again my comment taken however critical wasnt a defimation of character but an intelligent comment stating the lack of posted follow up on your behalf. Im sorry that blogging takes up too much of your time while in school in early august? But my point however miss spelled via my cell is still absolutely valid. Why post anything out of context yet alone how is one blog per day without a simple reference to the previous comments not a justifiable comment or request? I still want to repeat that this is one of my favorite sites for seahawk news and that its just missing that moment of hey going to follow up on this or that and when I know youll know moment but I havent forgot. Sorry this is a fight not a hey whats up thing. Im such a seahawk guy I would love to help you guys out any way I could service this site.

  4. Andrew Auger says:

    If you think you can be better than me send me a sample on any Seahawks topic you want I have no qualms about potentially adding another writer.

  5. Spectre48 says:

    Redzone, chill bro. He’s doing an amazing job. What do you expect him to do? He reported something that may or may not happen, and if it didn’t happen within an hour or two would you expect him to say ‘yeah it isn’t going down’? First of all, that would discredit him if he pulled the trigger too early, shooting the rumor down when it still has a chance of happening. If it were to happen after he blew it down how many people would think less of the articles? Secondly, it’s fairly obvious that the signing hadn’t taken place if he hadn’t posted a follow-up or an update. What’s the point of posting every hour saying the same thing? “We’re waiting on a deal! ……. Still waiting on a deal! ….. Stay tuned, one of these many posts will have a deal!”

    I think that you’re being extremely over-critical of the journalist. And if you’re implying that you’d be better at his job than him, then I would recommend you taking some spelling lessons first. I mean that in the most polite way possible, but even if you have the most ground breaking, extraordinary stories, they won’t matter if you can’t spell ‘defamation’ or ‘actually’.

    And Andrew, keep it up! I look forwards to your articles each day. This is my favorite blog.

  6. Andrew Auger says:

    Lol, I was being nice after an unnecessary lashing, but that was pretty much describing exactly how I felt Spectre.

    It was just reported last night that Leber was visiting the Seahawks, confirming the fact they were and are close to signing him. Honestly, since I reported that there actually (yes I can spell actually), hasn’t been any other news besides Raheem Brock, Sean Locklear, and Ray Willis, as well as the fact he is visiting Seattle.

    I’m in the know, but I am in college, my sources are limited, I am not John Clayton, but I do hear some things.

    Spectre, I was helping a friend move but fresh material tomorrow!

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