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Seahawks: Tons of Sidney to Seattle Sour Grapes

Well, I can’t hold it in any longer, I have to say something.

There are quite frankly, some butt hurt people out there that the Seattle Seahawks snagged Sidney Rice from the Minnesota Vikings with a five year agreement on Tuesday.

The detractors point to the obvious; the Deion Branch comparison, the injury concerns, his one good season.

They fail to point out the obvious reason they are bashing the Rice signing; they probably wanted Rice on their team.

There’s a reason why he is in the top five of many prominent free agent lists and was considered at least a clear 1B to Santonio Holmes 1A as the best wide receiver option. As it turned out, Holmes was not available to anyone but the New York Jets. By common sense, that would make Sidney Rice the best available receiver on the market. I don’t find anyone in the media debating on who is better between the rest of the options. Braylon Edwards is being mentioned as a “replacement” for Rice Minnesota and not an “upgrade” and he is widely considered the No. 3 domino in the receiver market, not No. 1, or 2, or 2 b.

This isn’t to rub it in, I am thrilled with his signing and it takes a sting out of losing Matt Hasselbeck. It’s when the detractors try and pull up circumstances that have no bearing on the future when I feel the need to put them in place.

Do they bring up that both the Deion Branch and TJ Houshmandzadeh were both acquired by a bone headed General Manager who pulled the trigger on several high priced free agents that were eventually released (Grant, Wahle, etc.), who never really tried to get younger and mostly struck out in the draft?

Speaking of Branch, I did an analysis on his career in Seattle awhile ago and just because someone overpaid for him doesn’t make him a bad player. If you click here and view the stats broken down between his four year New England and Seattle tenures you will (to your surprise), find them eerily identical in nearly every way. Say that Tim Ruskell overpaid for the production that was there for all eyes to see, don’t say he was a bust at receiver when he performed to his typical standard.

Do these detractors note that TJ Houshmandzadeh actually finished fifth all time in Seahawks history with 79 receptions in his one season? Do they note that he was released because Pete Carroll resurrected a first round “bust” in Mike Williams and decided he was better than the aging receiver? Do they note that a new regime took over and the regime that signed Houshmandzadeh was eradicated after one season?

Do these detractors note the age difference between the three acquisitions? Rice is 3 years younger then Branch was (27) and 8 years younger then Houshmandzadeh (32), was at the time of their signings.

Do these detractors note that Pete Carroll has already had success finding a long term No. 2 receiver that no one wanted? Out of his receiver acquisitions, none can necessarily be called anything near “busts” yet with the Seahawks.

All of this talk about Brett Favre making him a one year wonder; do the detractors mention the fact that in 2010 it looked like it was Brett Favre who was missing Sidney Rice?

No, detractors to this deal aren’t arguing with logic. Besides if we turn our 20/20 goggles on to speculate on what could have been, I can guarantee most detractors of this deal would be praising it if Rice had gone where they wanted him to.

I would be upset too, lord knows I was when the Vikings poison pilled that aforementioned bone headed General Manager for Steve Hutchinson. In your animosity though please do not bring up past comparisons that have no real merit.

I will give the critics this, the only critique I will listen to are the injury concerns which are legit. At the same time though, you have to consider he is only 24 years old and it’s been one surgery, the world is not over after one surgery.┬áThe NFL carries a very inherent injury risk for every person who steps onto that field and that goes for every free agent signee out there. Seahawks fans should be glad to hear it was an alternative advanced form of treatment that allows the damaged area to naturally regenerate itself using cells. No needles, pins, screws, or anything artificial.

Oh, I forgot the money, people talk about how it’s always the money and I have seen many Vikings fans complaining about the fact Seattle was able to outbid them for Rice.

This should be expected when you have a young roster with a lot of cap room, in fact it was the second most in the entire league.

In all honestly, it was one of the more modest “fat contracts” dolled out if you compare it to Jonathan Joseph, Santonio Holmes, and Charles Johnson and the annual cap hit is set to be $4.5 million, I am actually thrilled with the deal I thought it was going to be much more.

Alright, I got that out of my system, i’m good now.


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