Seahawks Catching Slack Regarding Clark Pick and His Domestic Violence Charges


There’s controversy today about a Seahawks draft pick, that being Michigan defensive end Frank Clark, who was the teams’ first draft pick, taken 63rd overall.

The big issue is detailed in a piece today in the Seattle Times – it talks about his domestic violence charges which eventually got him kicked off the team at Michigan.

Here’s a portion of the piece in today’s Times:

Two women say they found the girlfriend of Seahawks draft pick Frank Clark sprawled half-naked on her hotel-room floor and barely moving the night of his arrest on charges of domestic violence and assault.

Lis Babson, 44, and Kristie Colie, 43, who were in the room next door with their young daughters at a Sandusky, Ohio, hotel and waterpark resort last November, say they heard loud banging, yelling and screaming coming from Clark’s room. Babson says she immediately sensed something was terribly wrong, ran outside and pounded on the door until Clark opened it.

In an interview with The Seattle Times on Monday, Babson said an enraged Clark tried to quickly slam the door in her face, but she caught it before it could close.

Colie, who had followed Babson into the hallway, said the woman on the floor inside the room “was definitely beat up” and initially didn’t move.

“She looked unconscious,’’ Colie said. “She looked like she was knocked out, and then she started to move slowly.’’

While the Seahawks are not doing anything about it yet, it sounds like they are going to have to do some serious damage control over this latest decision.

Contract Talks with Russell Wilson Slow but Ongoing Says Carroll

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Though the NFL draft is over, the Seahawks are not done with the business of their offseason, Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times reports.

And the timeline for one of their more significant goals — signing quarterback Russell Wilson to a contract extension — remains uncertain.

In an interview with ESPN on Saturday, coach Pete Carroll said talks are “going a little slow, but it’s ongoing,’’ adding that the Seahawks are “waiting to hear from their side.’’

ESPN reported that one hangup is the amount of guaranteed money Wilson would receive.

Shortly after Carroll’s interview, Wilson tweeted: “I’d rather patiently wait & see what God has in store than do something that isn’t best for my life.”

Following the draft, Carroll said “we don’t want to talk much about it because there is just a lot of stuff, it’s such a crucial thing. We are so excited to get Russell and keep him here forever. … but it’s a big deal, and there is a lot of work to be done.’’

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NFL Warns Seahawks If Lynch Makes Gesture They Will Get Penalized


The NFL’s head of officiating told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN at Pro Bowl practice on Saturday that the Seahawks have been warned that if running back Marshawn Lynch makes an obscene gesture after scoring a touchdown or any other time during Super Bowl XLIX, the team will be penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct.

If he does it after scoring a touchdown, “that means they will kick off from the 20 yard line,” Dean Blandino said.

Lynch has been fined twice for grabbing his crotch after scoring touchdowns, most recently this past week when he was fined $20,000 for making the gesture after scoring a touchdown in the NFC Championship Game.

He had earlier been fined $11,050 for making the gesture on a backwards dive into the end zone in a game against the Arizona Cardinals in December.

Lynch wasn’t flagged either time for the gestures as the officials on the field did not see his actions. Any player taunting or making an obscene gesture would presumably be similarly penalized if the officials were aware, however.

Video: Richard Sherman Recalls Post-Game Run-in with Tom Brady

New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks

Marshawn Lynch Gets His Own Strain of Weed Named After Him


From: TMZ

Marshawn Lynch is getting one of the highest honors one can receive in Seattle — a SECOND strain of weed has been named after the NFL star … and we’re told it’s as strong as Beastmode himself.

We spoke with Nate “Diggity” Johnson — owner of the Queen Anne Cannabis Club in Seattle — who tells us that after the original “Beastmode” strain sold so well last year, growers wanted to up the ante with a more powerful strain in the hopes the Seahawks would get back to the Super Bowl.

The bet paid off … and “Diggity” says the new stuff (called Beastmode 2.0) has 5% more THC than last year’s Beastmode weed — which flew off the shelves.

“It’s a super pain reliever,” Diggity says … “And hits you just like Marshawn — hard and fast.”

Then after you smoke it … FeastMode?

Super Bowl XLIX Odds: Seahawks-Patriots an Even Game

Date & Time Favorite Line Underdog Total
2/1 6:30 ET Seattle PK New England 49

CB Richard Sherman and Safety Earl Thomas To Have MRI’s

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and free safety Earl Thomas both suffered injuries in the team’s 28-22 overtime win against the Green Bay Packers in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game, John Clayton of ESPN reports.

Sherman suffered an elbow injury in the fourth quarter while Thomas injured his shoulder in the first half. The extent of the injuries is unknown and both players will have MRIs on Monday.

Both Sherman and Thomas said they will play in the Super Bowl.

On the opening play of the fourth quarter, Sherman ran over to tackle Packers running back James Starks along the Seahawks’ sideline after a 32-yard run. Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor ran to the sideline and collided with Starks and Sherman. Immediately, Sherman felt something was wrong with his left elbow.

Trainers along the sidelines were yelling at him to see what was wrong. Sherman stayed on the field despite being in pain. Sherman clenched his left hand and played through the problem, not missing a play.

“I could still position myself to be in coverage,” Sherman said. “It happened on the play I chased James Starks to the sidelines. One my teammates went through us.”

Sherman had to be told in the locker room that the hit was made by Chancellor. What surprised Sherman was surprised that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn’t throw in his direction after he suffered the injury. Sherman said he didn’t know if he would have been able to raise his left hand to stop a high pass with an elbow injury.

Asked if he suffered a dislocated left elbow, Sherman said, “We’ll see.” After the game, his left hand was still clenched as he absorbed the pain.

“We got tape for the warriors,” Sherman said. “I guarantee you in our next game, we will all be out there.”

Thomas suffered a shoulder injury in the first half, but said he didn’t know if he suffered a shoulder subluxation. Thomas had to go into the training room and put his shoulder in a harness. Once the harness was in place, Thomas was able to return and play the rest of the game.

“I know who I am, I’m a warrior, bro,” Thomas said. “If I can play I don’t care if I can’t function really well. I know if I can help the team I’m going to be in there.”

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